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A Key Pillar of Your Sustainability Strategy

While there are many changes you can make to internal processes, behaviour, technology or facilities in order to reduce emissions, efficiency only goes so far-there will always be a residual emissions footprint associated with the production of a good or delivery of a service, no matter how efficient the process or technology.

Your environmental sustainability strategy should therefore include emissions accounting and solutions to mitigate those residual emissions you cannot reduce through your Energy and Fuel Efficiency Initiatives.

Our patent-pending technology provides an elegant, low-cost solution that enables you to rapidly reduce your environmental impact by apportioning direct (Scope 1 or 2) emissions to each product or service offered to customers at point of sale, and mitigating these through the purchase of Micro Carbon Reduction Credits. This is a valuable addition to your company's emissions reduction strategy that also takes the guesswork out of emissions measurement, forecasting, and reporting.

All transactions are accompanied by auditable Micro Carbon Reduction Certificates, providing transparency and tangible metrics to all stakeholders of the company's environmental commitment and sustainability performance - boosting investor confidence and positive employee sentiment.

You can also pass on the benefit of the Carbon Reduction Certificate as a legitimate indirect (Scope 3) emissions credit to your customers to provide differentiated value that builds brand equity and increases market share.

We have also developed packaged solutions specifically tailored for Hospitality & Lodging and Meetings & Events industries.