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A Complete, Multi-Tiered Approach

We have packaged a number of interventions - each providing significant efficiency gains and emissions reductions in their own right, together as a suite to ensure you benefit from the cumulative effect of a multi-pronged approach to fuel efficiency. All interventions are accompanied by services that include stringent pre-implementation equipment health assessments, performance benchmark calibration and on-board management.


Combustion Catalysts

A culmination of over 10 years of research and development in the USA, our technology is a patented blend of metallic and organo-metallic catalysts in a solvent carrier added to fuel. Our catalysts facilitate the formation of free radicals that react with fuel to boost oxidation and combustion efficiency - improving fuel consumption, and by-products in exhaust gases to reduce unwanted emissions.

Air Ionization

Our Air Enhancement intervention is based on the ionization of water vapour in the air intake stream prior to combustion using a proprietary ionization reactor. The ionisation reactor's composition and operating temperature of between 200°C and 250°C, allows for the molecular transformation of vaporised water into a super-heated ionised gas prior to injection into the combustion chamber, which results in a significantly improved combustion cycle.


Our innovative Nano-coating technology modifies the superficial structure of metallic components subjected to friction on an on-going basis, forming an enduring silicate layer that significantly lowers their friction coefficient - improving fuel consumption, lowering maintenance and extending the usable life of internal combustion engines, generators and other mechanical plant.

On-site and on-board fuel management and blending

To fully reap the benefits of your fuel efficiency solutions, you need to be able to control, measure and monitor performance - whether on the road or on site.

Available for bulk and on-board deployment scenarios, our automated combustion enhancer injection systems accurately inject combustion enhancing additives at the optimum ratio into device fuel systems - maximising efficiency benefits. These are remotely monitored and controlled - lowering operational and management overhead.