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Real-time Sustainability Intelligence

Management Platform and Intelligence Console

Our cloud-based management platform ensures you have real-time operational insights to drive operational efficiencies and track your efficiency and sustainability performance.

Information from our on-site and on-board monitoring and control systems is analysed, aggregated and surfaced on role-based dashboards - ensuring key stakeholders have the insights required to make informed decisions - at site, group, division, company and group company levels.

Standardised reports can also be generated and distributed on a daily and monthly basis - highlighting equipment, operator and fuel efficiency performance and asset racking information.

Monitoring and Control

We provide a complete set of on-board and on-site monitoring and management capabilities - our dosing systems include 24/7 system monitoring and communication of fuel consumption, combustion enhancer catalyst consumption, and all software & firmware updates; the data being communicated and collected in real-time via mobile networks.

For mobile deployments we also provide built-in capabilities for communicating with the engine's CAN bus (Engine Management System), and up to 256 attached devices including sensors that generate detailed emission reports and assist in engine diagnostics efforts. Our system monitoring capabilities include the tracking of:

  • Fuel and combustion catalyst consumption
  • Refueling and catalyst replenishment
  • Fuel savings and consumption abnormalities
  • Exhaust emissions
  • Engine status and engine torque

All systems are also remotely controlled to ensure you are always up and running - these include:

  • Remote parameter adjustment to optimise operations according to changing dynamics
  • All software & firmware updates.